Levi Hummon Releases New Single, “Change My Life”

Country music newcomer, Levi Hummon, just released his new song “Change My Life.”

The upbeat song is about the hopeful feeling that the beginning of a new relationship brings about, and ultimately, a reminder that all the little things at the start have the power to potentially change your life forever.

“‘Change My Life’ was one of those songs that wrote itself,” said Hummon. “It’s the story of how a simple act in love can lead to your whole life changing forever. A first date, a first kiss, just driving around with nowhere to go can be the start of something that lasts forever. I wanted it to feel fun and lighthearted and have that feeling of innocence. I knew it was special the first time I played it live in Chicago and saw fan’s reactions. It was awesome!”

Photo Credit: Kate Dearman