Turns Out These Mysterious Crop Circles Weren’t Aliens After All… It Was Spotify


I was really hoping that intelligent life beyond the reaches of the galaxy were communicating to planet Earth via country music imagery, meticulously carved out of a few fields in rural Kansas. Portraits of Jason Aldean, Kelsea Ballerini, and Luke Bryan appeared on social media over the course of the past few days and despite my initial hunch that this was work of alien life forms, I regrettably confess that I was wrong.

It was Spotify…

Who, in an effort to “find truly unexpected ways to celebrate all things country,” and to “celebrate the playlist of the biggest country music for the biggest country fans,” decided that crop art was the way to achieve that. Yup, they really said that… Look, I know Spotify may have invented the platform, but their playlists can’t touch ours. That’s a fact.

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