They’re Not Flintstones, But These Boozy Push Up Popsicles Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Oh what I would give for Flintstones Push Up right about now.

Big fan of the Raspberry Rubble and the blue one with the cat on it, but I’d even take an orange one right now. There was always like 3 oranges left in the box that you had to eat before mom would buy more, which wasn’t a huge deal, but orange sucked big ass. I used to give my neighbor friend all the orange ones and I feel like a huge dick about it right now. Mid-post and all of the sudden I found a conscience. If I ever get sent to therapy and they tell me that I need to make amends with anyone I’ve ever wronged I’m going to find his number and call him up to apologize for always making him eat the orange ones when we were 6 years old. I used to give him some excuse like “oh I just grabbed a couple, I didn’t look,” but I looked, in fact I dug DEEP into that box for a shitty Yabba Dabba Doo Orange. Point is, I could really go for even an orange one right now.

I digress…

The real reason I started writing this post before my trip down memory lane is that the good folks at Buzz Pop Cocktails took one of the simple pleasures of my 90’s kid youth and combined it with the one of the simple pleasures of my pushing 30, too early for a mid-life crisis, but still kind of close to one, young adulthood… alcohol.

Boozy popsicles or “poptails,” as the avocado toast crew would call them, are quite literally the fucking rage right now. Problem is, you pretty much have to make your own and let’s face it you’re going to do that. I’m not, you’re not, maybe a really Type A person hosting a summer brunch where the only forms of alcohol are champagne and vodka will, but we’re not. We’re not even going to make them with with a stick and those popsicle molds you can buy at Target (not an ad), let alone make your own with push up technology.

Thankfully, now you don’t have to.

You can feel like a kid again… except drunk. Unless of course your parents let you get drunk at 9 years old, in that case it’s one and the same.