Is This The Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

What happened to just drinking?

Getting some friends, some good music, a bunch of cold cans and just drinking them? Let me tell you, I’ve blacked out plenty of times on my own without the help of any ridiculous devices like this stupid fucking contraption. You look like a fucking idiots, and let’s be honest, pretty sexual when plant this dick-looking tube on your buddy’s chest and start sucking.

And, here’s the genius tagline from these bozos: “Can’t chug out of a glass? Can’t shotgun? Can’t bong? This does all the work for you making anyone look like a pro.”

No. Quite the opposite. It makes you look like a fucking loser, or worse, a pervert like the creepy old guy at the end of this video.

Be a “Happy Drunk,” get the shirt here.

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