Brothers Osborne Performing A “Shoey” Is Everything You Need To Welcome The Weekend

They know how to get drunk down under.

Brothers Osborne posted a picture of them partaking in a little game of Shoey while they played at CMC Rocks in Australia. For those who can’t tell what the game entails, you literally chug your drink out of your boot as clearly evidenced below.

Look at that form. I’m finding it hard to believe that this was their first introduction to this game, and to be honest, I really don’t know how I feel about pouring a perfectly good alcoholic beverage into my over-worn shoes but to each his own. If you like drinking your beer with an extra musty taste to it, so be it.

In other news, CMC Rocks looks like a damn good time. Definitely has me itching for summer festivals. Our time is coming, Whiskey Riffers. Until then, practice your shoey chug.