Jimmy Butler Has Mic-Drop Comeback After Karl-Anthony Towns Says Country Music Is “Terrible”

Man, we miss Jimmy here in Chicago.

Jimmy Buckets is a known country music fan and we’ve even seen him at a few shows around town, back when played for the Bulls. Jimmy has also been known to crank up a little country music in the locker room, much to the torture of his teammates, including Towns.

While Karl-Anthony Towns was talking to reporters, he said of the country music, “It’s terrible. Terrible. It’s so bad.”

Butler, who was listening to Thomas Rhett’s “Grave,” shut him up real fast.

“I just had to chase Russ (Westbrook) around and get hit by Steven Adams. I can listen to whatever fuck music I want.”

Boom. End of discussion.

Butler was also the star of Luke Bryan’s latest music video for “Light It Up.”