If You’re In Love With Western Fashion, This Is For You

Every once in a while you come across an accessory that is so unique, you can’t forget it.

DanniJoDesigns is the type of irreplaceable western fashion that is a testimony of tradition with a touch of fashion flair.

Danni Jo is a woman who took her dream and made it a reality. If you can’t find a bag you like, why not just design your own? Danni Jo made the decision to start with her own personal style, which ended up inspiring and intriguing others. What started out as just revamping her own personal items with leather, turned into a business that is taking western fashion by stampede.

She was able to connect with M.P. & K.D. Horn and Leather Shop who gave her a foundation to get her business off the ground. Danni Jo began traveling the country to some of the most significant stock and rodeo shows to sell her leather creations. Danni Jo takes the ideas God placed in her heart and combines them with current western fashion ideals to design something that is as exceptionally distinctive as the woman who creates them. She never wanted a 9-5 job, and she clearly has figured out a way to make her hobby into a way of life. To her, she didn’t need a “job” she needed a way to see her dream become her lifestyle.

The first time I saw one of her bags I was captivated by the intricate details that she imprinted into the leather accessories. Her purses, bags, and necklaces are exclusively unforgettable. Every etched tooling of the leather, every tasseled fringe, every stitched detail; are all features that make each piece a work of fashionable art that adds a spark of style to any outfit.

If you haven’t checked out her designs, you are truly missing out on the next trend in western fashion. Not only does she create items of her own imagination, she’ll take any old purse, vest, belt, or a pair of boots that have been sitting in your closet, and need a little touch of exclusively, distinguishing revamping, she’ll make your timeworn item have that new shine. Her business is run with a passion and enthusiasm that makes you feel like she values you as much as you’ll value her creations. Danni Jo Designs are the type of fashion that goes with any outfit for any occasion.

Every girl knows, that once you see a bag or piece of jewelry that you fall in love with, you’ll never forget it. In this case, you’ll have to resist buying every design she creates.

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