Man Freaks Out When Snake Strikes At Him From Front Door: “Woo!”

doorbell snake cam

Tell me if we’ve seen this one before…

I don’t know what it is, but it seems snakes have been hanging out in a lot of places they don’t belong recently.

Whether it’s a rattlesnake at the beach, rat snake in the toilet, or a venomous snake literally falling out of the sky and landing on a poor woman from Texas, it seems these creepy crawlers are getting in everyone’s business for no good reason, but the one time you really don’t expect to get struck by a snake is walking in your own front door.

One video in particular went viral a few years back which showed a guy getting bit then tripping all over himself, and just the other day almost the exact same thing happened again to a different dude.

A woman in North Carolina posted a video of her dad walking into his house, which I’m sure he’d done every day with no problem for years, when an unexpected visitor decided to play guard dog snake and nearly give him a heart-attack.

A big ole belly crawler had curled up in what I believe is a wreath hung on the door and launched a surprise attack right as he reached for the handle. As you’d expect, the guy completely freaked out and let loose something of a primal scream combined with a panicked yelp while scrambling back to safety.

Big no from me…

Why this fella wasn’t hibernating is beyond me and that was possibly why he was even more freaked out to see it, I mean you never expect a snake to be chilling on your door but you really don’t expect one to be there at winter rolls around.

This is just another reason why it’s been a net positive for the internet that people are hooking up doorbell cameras at their house. What would we do without all these great videos?

@paigeeeealexx And this is why I say everyone should have a doorbell camera🤣 @Wyze #wyzecam #doorbellcameravideos #jumpscare ♬ original sound – Paigeeeealexx

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