“I Like To Set Sh*t On Fire” — Miranda Lambert Debuts New Song “Wranglers” At Stagecoach

Miranda Lambert country music

A new heater from Miranda Lambert.

The Texas native headlined Stagecoach on Saturday night, delivering a high-energy, kickass set that also included a guest appearance from her hero, Reba. The two sang “Fancy” and “Mama’s Broken Heart” together, and it looked like one of the highlights of the weekend.

And in addition to bringing out Reba, Miranda debuted a brand new song called “Wranglers,” which is her first released with her new label Republic and slated to officially drop this Friday, May 3rd.

It’s harkens back to 2007 in terms of the content and fiery message, and like I’ve said plenty of times, scorned Miranda is my favorite… so yeah, I’ve been really excited to hear this one. It tells the tale of a woman “taking her power back” and settling the score when someone does her wrong, and that last line “wranglers take forever to burn” is already stuck in my head.

I also learned something new about flammability of the iconic jean brand, which I will certainly keep in the back of my head just in case…

When she introduced the song, Miranda said that her setlist in 2024 isn’t all that different from when she first played Stagecoach in 2007, because all these years later she still likes to “set sh*t on fire.” And of course, Miranda went on to dedicate it to the ladies and this already sounds like a hit:

“I realized today, this is my fifth time playing Stagecoach. My first time here was 2007, and now it’s 2024. And I got a brand new song to sing for y’all, especially the ladies.

But I also realized that my set list from 2024 and 2007 had not changed that much, because I like to set shit on fire, y’all. Especially when it comes to revenge. So I’m gonna try to a new one out on y’all if you’re ready, are you ready?”

You can check out her performance from the Stagecoach livestream here:

And this is just iconic…

But the best part… when they sang Miranda’s song “Mama’s Broken Heart” together. I’m absolutely living for this:

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