House Cat Snatches Owl Out Of Mid-Air On Backyard Patio

cat owl outdoors

Don’t sleep on the house cat.

Anyone who owns a cat knows that deep down, each one still thinks they’re a tiger.

Constantly leaping on things, play fighting, catching mice, or chasing squirrels, the impressive athletic capabilities of these felines are never too far from being unleashed.

They also tend to have a bit of an ego and sometimes will try to go up against an animal much larger. But this ego has its benefits, as we see in a backyard security cam video from a few years ago.

At first glance, the family’s house cat is just enjoying the night by lounging on a patio chair. But take a closer look and you see it has something lined up directly in sight.

An owl, presumably a great horned owl, was staring straight at the cat under the table, the two of them locked up in an intense stare down.

After a few tense seconds, the owl makes its move, swooping up and around a pile of cushions to try and blindside the cat. But unfortunately for the owl, the cat was ready.

It leaps into the air and cleanly snags the attacking raptor, sinking its teeth in and bringing it into the ground, where it proudly stands over its kill.

The owl was a small one, most likely an inexperienced youth, but still, the fact the cat was able to take it out with ease proves yet again we’re living with tiny tigers.

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