Florida Law Enforcement Looks Stumped Trying To Remove Rattlesnake From New Smyrna Beach

Florida men try to wrangle snake

I don’t think that’s in the job description…

Visitors to New Smyrna Beach, Florida were shocked to see one of nature’s most dangerous creatures on the shoreline last week, but it wasn’t one of the sea critters that immediately comes to mind.

No, it wasn’t a shark, or a sting ray, or a box jellyfish, it was an eastern diamondback rattlesnake.

That’s right, the animal which typically lives in dry, wooded areas made its way out to the beach to enjoy some time in the sand and sun, but clearly it caused quite a stir with beachgoers.

This is not the first time a rattlesnake was found on NSB, though. Back in 2013, a 5 footer was spotted on the shore and while this one doesn’t look quite as big, it’s still not something you want to see while trying to catch some rays.

Florida law enforcement was called in to move the snake and I have to say, they did not look confident in what they were doing. One guy was using a stick to try and get it in a bucket while another kind of just stood by and watched. I know they’re not professionals and it’s a dangerous animal they’re dealing with, but come on guys, you at least have to look the part.

According to some comments on the video, the snake was eventually able to be relocated to the brushy sand dunes, which got me thinking about how many times I’ve drunkenly walked through those trying to find a “shortcut” to a beach bar… Certainly I’m not going to do that again…

Florida, man. The wildlife surprises seem to never end.

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