Pregnant Woman Loses Her Mind After Finding A Snake In The Toilet “I Just Peed”

Snake in toilet
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That would give ya a good scare if you weren’t pregnant. But mix in the protective instincts and hormones and it quickly becomes a catastrophe.

Snakes are just creeping crawly animals. I mean, they have no legs but move around just fine, it’s kind of weird…

Yellow rat snakes are not one you would love to find in your toilet, not that any snake would be. They can grow large, up to 6 feet long. Thankfully, they are not poisonous.

They hunt rodents and small mammals, making them generally liked by people for their pest control. But they are highly adaptable creatures making them likely to go and explore human areas.

Just because they are a well-liked snake doesn’t mean you want to find one by surprise.

This woman, to her horror, came across one in a terrible way.

After just did her business, the pregnant woman got up and realized she had just peed on a rat snake.

Chaos ensues.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

I just peed. I just peed and the snake is there.”

Yup, that would would a shock and I would react the exact same way…

Always check that toilet, folks.

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