Man Gets Bit In The Head By Snake At Front Door, Falls On His Face Running Away

snake attack head doorbell

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been a little bit timid every time I walk up to my own or somebody else’s front door, after this video went viral of a man who got bit in the face by a snake a few years back.

I mean c’mon, I’ve never once thought about checking out my surroundings while walking up to the front door in my life until I saw this video, and now I have to look twice just to make sure there isn’t a no-shoulders lurking somewhere close.

I mean, I can sympathize with this man on a spiritual level, because this is once again my worst nightmare.

But still… some high quality content, nonetheless.

In this video, you can see a man rushing to his front door, not paying attention to the top of the door frame.

Little does he know that there’s a snake hanging from the top of the door frame, looking down directly at him.

The snake then lunges at his forehead, and although you can’t really tell if he actually got bit or not, the man’s reaction is hilarious.

You can see the horror on his face once he realizes it’s a snake, and he screams:


He then tries to runaway, and while doing so he completely tripped over his own walkway, falling to the ground, yelling once again:

“I got bit…”

I’m sure the guy is fine, and the only thing really hurt here is his pride.

Check it out:

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