Hiker Walks Into Den & Comes Face-To-Face With A Hissing Mountain Lion

Cougar meets hiker in cage

I swear this must be a nightmare.

Something about caves always seems so eerie to begin with. Not knowing what could be in there, lurking in the dark. And you damn well know multiple animals make use of these marvels so you’re basically walking into a hungry critter’s kitchen.

Gonna be a hard “NOPE” from me, hoss.

But, some people just need to know what is around the next corner and can’t help themselves. I respect that, but that sometimes comes with a price.

Mountain lions are one of the largest members of the cat family, with adult males weighing up to 200 pounds and standing up to three feet tall at the shoulder.

Commonly known as cougars in certain areas, they are solitary animals that prefer to spend most of their time in remote, rugged territory. They are able to make their homes in a variety of places, from dense forests to rocky cliffs and they use dens for protection and for rearing their young. Cougar dens are typically hidden well in caves, crevasses and tight places for protection.

These beasts are not something you want to come face-to-face with.

This man was hiking in Washington State when he decided to explore a cave.

He films as he walks inside it using his flashlight to see. He turns a corner after he got about 12 feet deep into the cave and is looking right at a cougar curled up in the corner. The big cat immediately looks angry and lets out a terrifying hiss before the man turns and gets out of there.

Gonna need a new pair of shorts after that…. frightening to say the least.

You never want to look a cougar in the eyes, especially cornered in tight spaces like that.

@llbhazzerd Got this footage of a mountain lion when I crawled 12 ft back in a cave. #wildlife #closeup #sketch #cougar #mtnlion #cave ♬ original sound – Bartwyld

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