Venomous Snake Falls Out Of The Sky Onto Texas Woman, Hawk Attacks Her & The Snake: “Help Me, Jesus”

snake attacks

Well, this sounds like two nightmares for the price of one…

Peggy Jones, a Texas resident, was mowing her property recently when she got a couple of not-so-good surprises. As she was on her riding mower taking care of her lawn, a snake “fell out of the sky” and landed on her arm, then quickly began to wrap around it and attack.

Moments later, a hawk swooped down and started attacking the snake, but managed to scratch Jones pretty badly in the process. Some might say that Peggy is one of the unluckiest people on the planet, but she truly feels lucky to be alive, and credits the hawk for saving her life.

Jones spoke to KPRC 2 News in Texas about how the whole thing went down, telling them:

“I was mowing on our property and just out of the sky, out of the clear blue, a snake fell onto my arm.”

Before she could even react (how could you really when you are trying to figure out how the slithery reptile got there in the first place), the snake started to coil around her arm and tighten. Peggy knew she was in trouble:

“I began to swing the snake off my arm and he wrapped around my arm and held on tighter. The snake kept striking in my face. He was striking my glasses.”

Turns out that though the type of snake wasn’t specified, it was later determined to be venomous, and as it was striking at Peggy, it seemed to only hit her glasses, breaking them in the process. The poor woman had no idea what to do, and turned to her faith to help her in the trying time:

“I just started praying out ‘Jesus, help me, please Jesus help me.’ And a hawk came down and grabbed the snake and tried to take the snake off, but I guess it didn’t have a good grip.”

Seems like her panicked prayers were almost immediately answered in the form of an attacking hawk (or the hawk was the one who dropped it).

The big bird honed in on the snake wrapped around Peggy’s arm, and began to try its best to unravel it from its tight coil. Jones was being hurt by the hawk as it attacked the snake, but was thankful because it was helping to get the snake off of her:

“The hawk kept coming down, he came down about four times, and finally got the snake and took off with the snake. And I looked down and I was covered in blood. My arm was pretty torn up.”

Miraculously, the hawk finally separated the snake from Peggy, though it did leave behind some damage to her arm as it was going on the offensive against the reptile. Peggy’s husband came running out towards her after hearing her screams and the commotion from the double attack:

“I was yelling and screaming. He didn’t know what I was saying. I thought I was bit by a snake.”

With her arm covered in blood and both herself and her husband thinking that she was bitten by a snake, they rushed Peggy to the hospital, where the doctors could hardly believe the story she was telling them.

The glasses she was wearing happened to help as a defense system, though that aspect didn’t help clear up the anecdote with the medical professionals:

“I had venom all over my right eye lens of my glasses. I think they kind of thought I might have been on drugs because they asked my daughter and my husband what kind of drugs I was taking, but it was definitely no drug.”

And I don’t really blame the doctors for thinking she was on drugs. The story would be far-fetched if it were in a comedy movie.

Peggy luckily came away from the unbelievable hawk and snake encounter with no infection or serious injury, and says that besides the scratches on her arms, the worst part has been the lack of sleep since the incident.

Jones also credits the hawk for saving her life, even though it hurt her while it was attempting to pull the snake off of her body:

“I think that was God’s way of letting me live because I couldn’t figure out a way (to get the snake off), the snake was not letting go of my arm. I just feel thankful that I’m alive.”

A truly unreal story that all happened to an impressively tough lady, who has reportedly already gotten back on the lawn mower since the incident.

You can watch the news story on the crazy event that played out in Texas below:

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