Corn-Fed Football Dads Trade Haymakers After Pee Wee Football Game

Football season is upon us.

And while it’s great to have sports back this year, and fans back ins stadiums, lately I find myself aimlessly puttering through YouTube watching dads beat the shit out of each other during youth sports.

There’s just something about grown men throwing hands over a bunch of nine-year-olds playing with a ball that’s wildly entertaining.

You might remember this video from 2018 where a bunch of corn-fed hosses in Virginia started throwing haymakers after a pee wee football game, setting a wonderful example for the youngsters.

Just textbook degenerate behavior doing this during the post-game handshake. Classic!

Side note: I’m using “hoss” because of Garth.

Football is BACK.

And while everybody loves to laugh at a good dad brawl, it gets no better than drunk dads scrapping on the golf course.

I’m good for maybe one round a year, and even then it’s pretty much just an excuse to drink beer, recklessly zip around in a golf cart, and hang with the boys.

And every so often, I land a miracle shot right on the green and I think to myself, even if only for a second, “I’m pretty good, this is fun.” And I go back to playing like hot garbage all over again.

That being said, I was always under the impression golf was a gentleman’s game. Fancy country clubs, dress codes… a certain level of decorum was necessary and, to be honest, that’s kind of why I always stayed away.

But I was wrong. BOY, was I wrong.

One quick search through YouTube and there are dozens and dozens of golf course brawl videos… and they’re HILARIOUS.

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