Matthew McConaughey Brilliantly Shuts Down Reporter When She Fishes For Trump Soundbite

You can’t trap Matthew McConaughey.

It was a good effort by Carrie Bickmore of Australia’s The Project, but McConaughey’s thoughtful and polite response is what made headlines as level-headed and logical people loved the answer he gave.

He’s asked straight up:

“How do you feel about Trump?”

But, instead of providing a quick response that could turn into a soundbite taken completely out of context, he explains I need a full form conversation to say what needs to be said.

Take a look.

We obviously post a ton of McConaughey stuff as it’s pretty clearly he’s one of the coolest mf’ers on the planet. He’s been doing a TON of press for his new book, Greenlights, which also included a stop by Joe Rogan’s podcast.

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A beer bottle on a dock