Bear Shoves His Friend Into A Moat For A Little Bit Of Food At Zoo

bear pushes another bear at zoo

Was it something he said?

I’ve always been split on how to feel about zoos.

On one hand, it’s the best way for kids and adults alike to get to learn about and experience an assortment of exotic animals. The awe you feel seeing a tiger, or elephant, or gorilla for the first time can truly be a life changing experience and I still go to zoos whenever possible as a 28 year old dude.

But, the flip side gets sad in a hurry. These animals are clearly not made to be kept in cages and there’s no shortage of horror stories you can find about mistreatment and abuse that some creatures have suffered at the hands of people supposedly taking care of them.

You have to credit zoos for keeping some nearly extinct species alive, but it can be a sad sight watching a majestic animal relegated to eating out of a bucket a few times a day.

Regardless, zoos are still a great place to see animals, but sometimes visitors see something that’s completely unexpected and leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out what just played out before their eyes.

These kids got a memorable lesson on the circle of life thanks to a grizzly bear and some ducks and this video shows some unexpected near fratricide.

Unfortunately I’m not able to find any details on where this took place but I don’t think it was America as the bears seem to be getting fed by visitors, which is a big no-no here in the states.

The bears, which look to be a species of black bear, are standing on their hind legs and catching small treats thrown by guests and one looks to be signaling that it wants some food, which is obviously pretty cool, but another bear in the exhibit didn’t like being stuck behind the signaling bear and took matters into his own hands paws.

The bear sneaks up behind the one asking for food and gives him a shove, sending the other tumbling down into a safety moat surrounding the pen. It looks to be quite the fall and couldn’t have felt good as it was concrete all the way down.

At the end of the video we can see the bear back up and walking, so it probably wasn’t too hurt, but man, that was aggressive just to try and get a blueberry or whatever they were being fed.

I don’t know how to feel about this whole encounter and it certainly tips the scale towards the whole “zoos are bad” argument.

But, while it may just be my twisted sense of internet humor, it was pretty dang funny…

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