“With The Wine Included” – Megan Moroney Shares Her Tour Essentials

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CeCe Dawson

Megan Moroney really is here for the girls.

The self-proclaimed Emo Cowgirl sat down with CMT to chat about all things tour—not how she likes being on tour but rather what she needs with her to make life on the road enjoyable. Spending months on a tour bus can take its toll on a person, but Moroney seems like she knows the essentials to make sure she can power through while on tour.

Kicking it off with her iconic black duffle bag tagged with her slogan, Emo Cowgirl, Moroney notes that her Bass Pro Shop pink trucker hat and that bag are some of the easiest ways to identify her out and about. She sounds like she is always sporting a combination of one, the other, or both.

The next two items she shares are two comfy sweat sets. While some people might try to say they are put together traveling from city to city, Moroney is keeping it real that she likes to stay comfortable and cozy. This leads right to her next item: Ugg boots.

“These are so obnoxious. These are my hot girl hooves. They look like hooves if you look at them like this…I’m obsessed with them because they are warm and cozy. And you need them for the bus. I don’t get very many compliments on them.” 

Moroney wraps up her tour essentials with what are, in my opinion, the two most important things: wine and headphones.

“Can’t listen to all my demos and sad music without those.”

And what pairs perfectly with sad country songs? A hefty pour of wine. Moroney shares that her favorite is a Cabernet Sauvignon called The Prisoner.

“My favorite… this is my favorite wine, and I just keep it on stock…10 out of 10 recommend.”

There’s nothing like sipping on a little red and letting the tears flow as music blasts through your headphones. Can’t we all admit we’ve done it a time or two?

These essentials are more than just tour essentials; they are essentials for women to exist. I’d take a wild guess that she seems to have this tour thing figured out. Those cozy clothes, wine, Uggs, and beauty products keep her singing her best and looking like a beauty queen while on stage.

If Moroney keeps it this simple and easy for her tour essentials, I’d love to know what her tour rider is like.

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A beer bottle on a dock