Mountain Lion Drags Deer Carcass Through Colorado Backyard

Mountain lion

Don’t mess with a mountain lion when dinner is being served.

Or at least on the way to being served. There aren’t exactly dinner reservations out in the wild, though this mountain lion in Colorado certainly had its plate full and was ready to set up shop. Big cats usually do this kind of hunting and predation during the dark of the night, so the fact that this moment was captured on video in the daylight makes the footage must-see.

In the clip, which was shot from the porch of a Colorado home, a large mountain lion can be seen dragging away a deer that looks to be of equal weight, if not a little bit bigger. It wasn’t the most comfortable example I’ve ever seen of dinner being in tow, but the big cat was doing its best with the sizable deer it had claimed as its own.

At one point, the mountain lion senses that someone or something was watching it. Pretty impressive instincts by the wild animal, because it was correct in feeling that way. The big cat turned around and stared right at the person (and into the camera) that was shooting from the safety of their home.

I have to point out that the backdrop for the video is an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains off in the distance. It’s almost ironic that he beauty of nature was on full display just as much as the brutality of nature was. The incredible footage was originally posted by Shari Fortson, and then shared again by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department.

They shared this message:

“This is a rare look at a mountain lion on its way to cache (or store) its food. The lion will return to their cache over the next few days to continue eating.”

You really hate to see it for the deer’s sake, but you kind of love to see it for the mountain lion.

The video certainly got the attention of social media as X users (formerly Twitter users) gave their commentary on the incredible footage of the great (or not-so-great for the deer) outdoors:

You know… that’s a really great point. I’ve never thought about it like that before.

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