Trailcam Footage Shows A Mama Fox Working Hard To Feed Her Pups

Fox trail cam

This mama fox deserves all the credit in the world.

For my money, there’s few animals as cool looking as a red fox.

Part of the Canidae family which also includes dogs and wolves, these small, sleek creatures live throughout the continental United States with an overall population of around 10 million, but the highest numbers are found in Alaska, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Fox are excellent hunters, though unlike wolves and coyotes, they tend to only target species much smaller than them, such as rabbits, rodents, birds, and frogs. They will also eat fruit and berries and rummage through garbage if given the opportunity.

Much like humans, foxes tend to mate for life, although some males will run off in chase of another mate on occasion, and both parents are involved in the raising of the pups, which takes only around 12 weeks until they are capable of hunting on their own.

A woman named Theresa Groman recently shared an incredible video of a red fox that lives on her property in eastern Lake Ontario and it shows the lengths that a mama fox goes through to keep her pups fed for the first few months of their life.

This particular fox family doesn’t have a male around but the mother is more than shouldering the burden of a litter of 7 and one video in particular proves just how hard working and efficient she is at finding them all some food.

In the course of just one week, the mother was seen bringing the following back to the den: 2 Rabbits, 2 fish, a snake, a skunk, a goose (or chicken, hard to tell in the clip), and some field mice.

It’s even more impressive when you go back through Groman’s videos and read about coyotes and fishers poking around the den to try and steal the food or maybe a pup. That mama certainly has her hands full but seems to be doing quite a good job of both protecting and providing for her family.

Personally, I really only see foxes at the driving range, but no doubt I’m going to have a lot more respect for them now having watched this video.

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