Kingsnake Channels ’90s Video Games, Plays Real Game Of “Snake” On A Brick Wall

Kingsnake on brick wall

The first time I saw this video it didn’t hit for me, but the second time I got it.

Remember snake? Yeah, the old video game from back in the day that we all played on our first flip phones.

Well, the famous saying goes that life imitates art, and while that sometimes feels a bit too esoteric for me, it turns out that it may in fact be true, if you consider early video games pieces of art.

The National Park Service is a great social media follow. Not only will they hit you with some actual fun facts and information about America’s greatest conservation effort, but they also fire off some funny tweets quite frequently.

Remember these gems?

Well, they’re back today with another one that has really amused me more than I think it should.

The video is from the visitor center at Coronado National Memorial in Arizona and it shows a Sonoran Mountain kingsnake scaling the wall and actually slithering (for the most part) in the mortal joint grid.

Of course, the caption was on point:

“If it runs into itself, game over.”

Does this entertain you as much as it does me? Something about choosing the grooves even though there’s no actual reason too, not to mention how cool it is that they can climb straight up a wall. Snakes have always fascinated me though, I know that makes me weird.

If nothing else, the National Park Service continues to be on a social media heater and I hope you enjoy it.

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