A 76ers & Knicks Fan Appear To Have Settled Their Differences Via Parking Lot Oklahoma Drill

Knicks fan vs 76ers fan

Into the wee hours of Friday morning, following the New York Knicks’ thrilling 118-115 closeout victory over the 76ers in Philly, a couple opposing fans spilled out of Wells Fargo Center seemingly ready to mix it up as amateur pugilists. In a refreshing plot twist, rather than throwing fists, elbows, or leg kicks at each other, these two fine gents opted for a somewhat classier approach. They cleared the way for them to operate, and engaged in a classic football exercised known as the Oklahoma drill.

For the uninitiated, all the Oklahoma drill entails is two players, with a circle of their teammates around them, placed face-to-face across from each other. Their bodies collide together, and whomever gets driven from the designated, glorified wrestling area is the loser. It’s all about leverage, competitiveness and sheer human willpower.

So for all the sad Sixers stans who are lamenting Tobias Harris’ lack of production, or reflecting on the fact that once again Joel Embiid will fail to reach a Conference Finals series in one of his dwindling number of prime years, take solace in this footage. Philly was represented well here.

To be fair, the Sixers bro was much, much larger than the underdog Knickerbocker supporter who wanted to square off. There’s also a real possibility that, had the two parties’ friends not intervened, we could very well have seen some fisticuffs.

I will say, as somebody who loathes grown men (or women) legit fighting at sporting events, I can at least get behind what’s happening here a little bit. The good ol’, “meet me out in the parking lot” scenario. Didn’t know that was still a thing in the year 2024. I figure most people bury themselves in their smartphones and rage-text a friend or significant other about some a**hole who was being a pest at the big game.

The man who documented this footage acknowledged that it may or may not be an Oklahoma drill, but it might as well be.

I’m telling myself it is, because any single, mostly-stupid incident in public view that can justifiably have any shred of humanity attached to it is something I will cling to.

Anyway, good riddance to the Sixers. Their whole “Process” has officially not worked out whatsoever after their latest playoff exit in six games at the hands of New York.

The one silver lining is that Philadelphia has enough cap space to retain Tyrese Maxey and sign a max player in free agency. Embiid was not 100% against the Knicks, yet unlike some years past where he might sit out, he was able to grind his way through and was pretty damn dominant considering he was in obvious pain. Embiid put up 39 points and 13 boards before fouling out of Game 6. He also scored 50 in Game 3 just to give the Sixers some life and avoid a 3-0 series deficit.

As for New York, well, their fan may have lost the Oklahoma drill, but the team will be favored against the winner of the Cavs-Magic series, with an inside track to the NBA’s Final Four. Not bad for a squad missing such a key piece in Julius Randle. Love me some Jalen Brunson, and if you don’t, you’re simply a blind hater.

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