Kameron Marlowe Looks To Right His Wrongs On New Single “On My Way Out”

Kameron Marlowe country music
Trea Allen

Kameron Marlowe is reflecting on the past.

The North Carolina native is gearing up for his sophomore album release, Keepin’ The Lights On, on May 31st, but until then, he is still giving fans a taste of what is in store by releasing a new single, “On My Way Out.” Marlowe is known for laying it all on the line lyrically, and this song follows that pattern, highlighting the feelings of rectifying your wrongs before you leave the world.

This heavy hitter is a perfect follow-up from his last single and title track, “Keepin’ The Lights On.”

The message of this single strikes a chord as he takes listeners through some mistakes we all have made that we wish we could go back and fix. While it is sometimes better to leave things in the past, everyone can relate to a moment or two that still sits heavy on their chest.

“When I first heard this song it resonated with me on a deeper level. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to realize how special our time is on this earth and to never take these moments for granted.”

The track, written by HARDY, Ben Johnson, Hunter Phelps, Taylor Phillips, and Bobby Pinson, conveys a profound message in digestible lyrics. When combined with Marlowe’s smooth, deep vocals, it creates a tune that is easy on the ears.

“On my way out
I’d drive back down her street
Just to see if never leaving town’s one promise she could keep
I’d knock on that door a better man than the stupid boy that left
Let her see that I’m so sorry that I never said…”

Each release from Marlowe is more impressive than the last, and I can only imagine what the hidden tracks on this album hold. As a former contestant of The Voice, Marlowe is letting country music know he has the voice to make his name known and is backing that up through each of his songs.

Keepin’ The Lights On Tracklist:

1. “911” (Wyatt McCubbin/John Pierce/Micah Wilshire)
2. “Nothin’ Slowin’ Us Down” (Kameron Marlowe/Mitchell Tenpenny/Rob Williford/Dallas Wilson)
3. “On My Way Out” (Michael Hardy/Ben Johnson/Hunter Phelps/Taylor Phillips/Bobby Pinson)
4. “Never Really Know” (Kameron Marlowe/James McNair)
5. “Tennessee Don’t Mind” (Charles Kelley/Daniel Tashian)
6. “Leaning On You” (Kameron Marlowe/Erik Dylan/Wyatt McCubbin/Taylor Phillips)
7. “I Can Run” (Tucker Beathard/Oscar Charles Gnaedig/Ben Roberts)
8. “High Hopes” (Josh Osborne/Trevor Rosen/Brad Tursi)
9. “One That I Don’t Call” (Wyatt McCubbin/James McNair/John Pierce)
10. “Lock Me Up” (Ben Johnson/Jordan Minton/Hunter Phelps/Taylor Phillips)
11.  “Will It Be There in the Morning” (Kameron Marlowe/Mitchell Tenpenny/Dallas Wilson)
12. “Quit You” (Kameron Marlowe/James McNair/John Pierce)
13. “Smaller” (Erik Dylan/Wyatt McCubbin)
14. “Strangers (with Ella Langley)” (Kameron Marlowe/Ella Langley/Will Bundy/Chase McGill)
15. “Broke Down in a Truck” (Taylor Baynum/Nathan Justis/Dave Michael/Colby Williford)
16. “Keepin’ the Lights On” (Kameron Marlowe/Kendell Marvel/Phil O’Donnell)

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