Zach Bryan Is Giving Fans Live Recordings Of Shows They Attend On ‘Quittin’ Time Tour’

Zach Bryan
Trevor Pavlik

Relive the magic.

Zach Bryan is one of the hottest tickets in country music right now, selling out arenas and stadiums all over the country on his Quittin’ Time Tour.

He’s also one of the hardest working guys in the game, constantly cranking out new music and dropping new songs and albums.

The “Something In The Orange” singer has already announced that his next album, The Great American Bar Scene, will be released sometime this year – and if history is any indication, it’s probably not the only new music we get from Zach this year.

But that’s not all that Zach’s got up his sleeve.

It turns out that he’s been handing out physical tickets at the door of every show on his current tour. And aside from being a cool physical souvenir, the tickets also have a code that fans will be able to scan to access a live recording of the show they attended.

Zach announced the plans on Twitter this evening, telling fans that the recordings would be available soon:

And fans confirmed that they were able to sign up for the recordings using their tickets:

Clearly those who were lucky enough to get to see the shows the first time around are pumped about the opportunity to relive the magic. And I’ve gotta say, this is a really cool thing that Zach’s doing. I love live albums, and getting to see a live recording from a show you were at would make it even better.

It’s things like this that artists should be looking into to set themselves apart and reward fans who are shelling out (ridiculous) money to go to concerts these days.

Good for Zach for leading the way on this one…even if he admits that it may be a shit show to begin with.

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