Morgan Wallen’s Attorney Says The Singer Has “Done What Any Good Person Would Do” After Chair-Throwing Arrest

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Last night, Morgan Wallen headlined Nissan Stadium in Nashville, the first of a three night run of hometown shows for the country music superstar.

But this morning, his attorney was in court for the first hearing on Morgan’s felony charges stemming from his arrest last month for allegedly throwing a chair off the rooftop of Eric Church’s new downtown Nashville bar, Chief’s.

Morgan waived his right to appear at the hearing personally, so he wasn’t present as his attorney discussed his case with prosecutors and the judge.

No plea was entered, and the case was set for another hearing on August 15th, so not much happened during the brief hearing today. But afterwards, his attorney spoke with reporters and addressed the singer’s latest legal troubles.

Worrick Robinson, a well-known Nashville attorney who’s representing Morgan on the three felony reckless endangerment charges, denied reports that the singer was seen “laughing” after throwing the chair off of the rooftop bar:

“I haven’t seen anything to suggest that at all. So I don’t have any proof that that is correct. The video will certainly speak for itself.”

And he also said that Morgan has taken the right steps to move forward in the wake of his arrest:

“Everybody saw Morgan’s statement that before he wanted to say anything publicly that he wanted to check in with several people, including the Metro police department and also the people at Chief’s. So he has done what I think we would expect any good person to do when there’s something such as this happens.”

Robinson also said that Morgan is in good spirits amidst his three-night run at Nissan Stadium, despite his legal troubles:

“Morgan’s doing well. He’s very busy, which is good. He’s a family man. I think this concert is especially special for him because his family lives close.”

And ultimately, he said that he hopes the situation can be one that the 30-year old singer can learn from:

“Sometimes you have to go through things for your own to learn lessons in life, and I think that’s applicable to Morgan Wallen, my son and everybody else’s kids.”

While Morgan got out of going to court today, Robinson confirmed that the singer would be present for his next hearing on August 15th, when the case could either be resolved through an agreement with the District Attorney, continued to a later date, or proceed to a hearing with the state presenting evidence against Wallen.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated with whatever happens.

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