The Reactions Are Hilarious Amid News Of Aaron Rodgers Inviting Jets Rookie Malachi Corley To Stay At His Guesthouse

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The New York Jets are doing all they can to squeeze at least one more push for a Super Bowl from the twilight of Aaron Rodgers’ career. They’re hoping that Western Kentucky wide receiver Malachi Corley, who they traded up to pick 65th overall in the third round of the NFL Draft, can jump in and shine as a rookie right away.

As Corley revealed in holding court with Jets reporters on Friday, Rodgers is eager to work with the young pass-catcher. The MVP quarterback invited Corley to stay at his guesthouse, presumably so they could get to know each other better and get a little extra throwing work in. Sounds like Corley is game for the opportunity.

However, a not-insignificant amount of outsiders are either nonplussed, concerned, or speculating about the wild alternative thought patterns Corley could find himself mixed up in while taking up temporary residence with Rodgers.

Part of the reason the aging QB is so fascinating (and often aggravating) is because he says some of the most bizarre and/or silly sh*t you’ll ever hear from a professional athlete or public figure. Since he’s so damn good at throwing a football, though, most people accept it as par for the course and just part of his quirky personality — pernicious as some of Rodgers’ nonsense might be at times.

Rodgers is who he is, and what he says is what it is. One area where he’s most definitely improved since arriving in New York is his treatment of younger players. Rather than carrying on his practice of giving the impressionable youngsters in Green Bay a cold (laser rocket arm) shoulder, the 40-year-old vet seemed to soften somewhat at his advanced football age. So I think Rodgers putting his arms around Corley shows that the offseason leading into the 2023 campaign wasn’t an aberration, or all for show. It really does appear as if Rodgers is becoming the best teammate he’s ever been.

OK so I think I’ve stated enough qualifiers and appeased Gang Green fans enough. Even the most diehard Rodgers/Jets supporters can’t help but get a kick out of these reactions inspired by ayahuasca and various other Rodgers-isms — or so I’d hope.

OK we can talk ball here for a minute. Corley was 87th on my NFL Draft big board (hand up: perhaps lower than he deserved), and he’s most often compared to Deebo Samuel. Why? Well, he’s not the most refined route-runner, but he’s so explosive and difficult to tackle in the open field that he becomes a versatile weapon who can keep the opposing defense guessing.

I’m not saying Corley will for sure be the next Deebo. The comp simply provides a loose concept of what his competitive spirit, mentality on the gridiron, and brand of football are like.

The jump up in competition from Western Kentucky to being a starting-caliber receiver in the NFL is massive. Getting on the same page with Rodgers as fast as possible is critical. The Jets didn’t have a second-round pick because of the trade it took to pry Rodgers away from the Packers. Thus, after Penn State left tackle Olu Fashanu was the pick at 11th overall, Corley was the young man the Jets invested their next premium draft asset in, with the expectation he’d contribute in a big way in 2024 and even more as the years go on.

If the connection between Rodgers and Corley can get rolling, it’ll open everything up so much for workhorse back Breece Hall and the rushing attack. Any sort of threat to complement WR1 Garrett Wilson would be a big boon to the Jets’ offense. Wilson has been saddled with bad quarterback play for his first two NFL seasons, yet still managed to go over 1,000 yards receiving in each of the last two years. It’ll be great for the NFL is Rodgers can rebound from his torn Achilles. New York’s ceiling as an offensive unit, though, is largely tied to how fast Corley can get up to speed.

One thing we know for sure: Corley is cut out to adhere to head coach Robert Saleh’s “all gas, no brake” philosophy.

PS, if you’re sad about football season being so far out still, or aren’t pleased with how I wrote about Rodgers here, let’s come together and celebrate the clip below from Week 1 of last season. Whatever anyone wants to say about Rodgers, not a soul on this Earth can deny how awesome this scene was. Before we know it, something similar will be in store right before the Jets officially kick off again…

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