Man Trying To Rescue An Injured Mountain Lion Nearly Takes A Paw To The Face

Man almost swiped by puma

That was a close one…. far too close for comfort. Pumas ain’t nothing to mess with. They are trained killers far and wide.

Pumas or cougars or mountain lions, whatever you want to call them, they are the same thing. In the United States, we generally refer to them as mountain lions, cougars is probably more common in Canada, and puma is what you’ll hear in Mexico and South America. And then in Florida, they have a subspecies that they refer to as the Florida panther. However, they are all the same scientifically, with their being minor variances in sub-species.

One thing is for sure, regardless of where you come across one of them, they are dangerous and don’t want to be near you unless they are trying to hurt you.

Pumas are typically solitary cats that lurk around unnoticed most of the time unless they want to be seen, which is usually when they attack. These cats have incredible speed, power and accuracy, using their deadly bite, sharp claws and long jump to take out their prey.

This isn’t necessarily the animal that you would want to be tasked with rescuing as it may come with some risk. But these folks were ready… well, sorta.

This animal rescue crew was alerted to an injured puma on the side of the road in Guerrero, Mexico, and sprung into action to get it some help and make it not a danger to the public.

Two men are seen with ropes around a living puma as they try to wrestle it into the back of a truck. I’m not gonna lie, it doesn’t appear to be the most sophisticated method of capture.

It is all going surprising well until they have to tie it down in the back of the truck. It appears as though a tranquilizer isn’t available and they’re gonna bring this ol’ boy in fully awake and filled with rage. One of the men gets bit closer to start to tie the rope off and the puma takes its chance and leaps straight for the man, who narrowly avoids a paw to the face and falls to the ground.

Woooo… I bet that got the ol’ heart beating fast. Would’ve been one hell of a scar…

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