Jay Cutler Shares Pictures From Elk Hunt & Shocker… People Were MAD

Jay Cutler holding a large tree

Jay Cutler joining Instagram has been one of the highlights of this quarantine.

Between hunting his chicken serial killer, his adorable new mini-cows and even some of his cooking videos, he’s been one helluva follow. Plus as a Bears fan, he’s probably the best quarterback we’ve ever had, at least in recent memory.

And while his divorce from Kristin Cavallari has kept his name in the news recently, he made headlines today for entirely different reason.

While hunting in New Mexico, Jay was able to harvest a good lookin’ elk and needless to say, some folks were NOT happy. Well known bow hunter and Whiskey Riff guy, Cam Hanes, shared some words of encouragement, as did some former teammates, but where that stopped the anti-hunting folks started

Here’s a little taste of the comment section:

“I could never kill any animal that beautiful… She could have babies waiting on her.”

“Poor harmless animal.”

“Wtf is wrong with you.”

“I will never under murdering defenseless, beautiful, unsuspecting animals as a form of entertainment.”

“So sad that amazing animal.”

You get the idea…

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It's a wrap in NM. Amazing hunt. Short but sweet.

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Don’t get me wrong, I can see why someone wouldn’t want to kill an animal, that’s totally fair. And if you don’t eat meat for that reason, more power to you, I can respect that. However, anybody that eats factory farmed meat and then goes and complains about hunting is a moron.

The hunting industry brings in a ton of money for conservation, habitat preservation and other initiatives that benefit both the environment and the animals that live there. It also helps with population control and provides a healthy source of food to families all over the country. And taking a well placed arrow or bullet through the heart is a much quicker and ethical kill compared to how this bull will probably die in the wild.

And even if you can’t get down with that, where do you think the leather in your shoes, or belt, or purse come from? A cow. A cow that was probably crammed into a cage, pumped with hormones and other shit, fed a non-natural diet, and slaughtered in an inhumane way.

Just something to think about…

Plus, elk meat is DELICIOUS.

“Filling the freezer.”

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It's a wrap in NM. Amazing hunt. Short but sweet.

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