“RACCOON!” – Father Yeets His Own Kid Across Front Yard After Raccoon Latches On To His Leg

dad fights raccoon

Every man for himself!

That guideline is rarely ever appropriate, and it certainly isn’t the rule to follow when it comes to protecting your own child. One father is probably still getting an ear full from his wife after he prioritized his own safety over his child’s when an animal launched an attack in his front yard.

The security camera footage first starts out very pleasantly, showing a father and his child share a fun moment on the front porch stairs. As the dad walks up to his kid, he reaches out his arms to signal for his child to jump into a hug. The kid obliges, and for a couple of seconds, this guy might as well be father of the year.

But then he wasn’t.

When the father gets to the bottom of the stairs with his child in his arms, a raccoon jumps out of nowhere (from underneath the stairs) and latches on to the man’s leg. Naturally, he begins to freak out, and in his momentary lapse of judgement, the dad accidentally throws his child up into the air and off into the yard.

The kid lands with a thud and immediately starts crying as the dad fights away the raccoon. Once the little trash panda was no longer a threat, the father runs over to his sobbing and screaming kiddo to provide consolation. It’s a flurry of chaos, and it’s capped off with the mother running out of the house to see what happened. The man just yells:


If the dad could have a do-over, he’d certainly change up his strategy. All of the good stuff the father had done just seconds before was wiped away as his kid flew threw the sky like a shooting star. I’d pay good money for the audio of the conversation afterwards (probably on the way to get a rabies shot) between the man and his wife, which probably went something like:

“What do you mean you threw our kid across the yard for their own safety?”

Social media got a kick out of the footage, and thank goodness there was a security camera up to capture it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have all of these funny jokes and memes in response to the hilarious video:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock