Would You Eat Garth Brooks’ Taco Pizza Or Kill It With Fire?

Thank goodness for the YouTube rabbit hole.

Went down a deep dark Garth tunnel under a crawl space and ended up on a video that shows Trisha Yearwood making a taco pizza that she says Garth in fact created. I like to picture Garth in Studio G at 3am, smashed, with a Taco Bell pizza thinking to himself he can do that better for Mrs. Yearwood.

If you’re thinking this pizza is anything like “The Dance” you might be disappointed. This pizza is more like Man Against Machine.

Did Garth eat 300mg of edibles when he made this? This recipe starts with Pace Picante Sauce mixed with canned refried beans to make the base or pizza “sauce.” That’s all you need to know.

I guess g isn’t a big homemade salsa kinda guy.

Here’s a recipe for when you want to shit your brains out for 9 hours.

Garth in the kitchen is exactly how you would picture Garth in a kitchen.

XXX’s and OOO’s.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock