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Sam Hunt Samples A Country Hit From The 1950’s In New Song, “Hard To Forget”

The people that hate Sam Hunt are going to hate the fact he sampled a country hit from the early 1950’s in his newest release, “Hard To Forget.”

The song starts out playing the Webb Pierce #1 from 1953, “There Stands the Glass,” before warping into the type of Sam Hunt upbeat tempo you’ve come to expect.

I’ll start by saying this on the song – it should have been the single over “Kinfolks.” It’s catchier, different enough, and way more in line with what I expected him to come back with after not releasing an album for six years. By the way, this song had EIGHT writers (Russ Hull, Mary Jean Shurtz and Audrey Greisham from “There Stands the Glass”): Sam Hunt, Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Ashley Gorley, Audrey Greisham, Russ Hull, and Mary Jean Shurtz.

All in all, Sam Hunt just does this style of pop “country” better than his counterparts and copycats, as Kip Moore pointed out.

In case you missed the news, Sam Hunt’s new album, SOUTHSIDE, will be released on April 3, and he also announced a new tour with Kip Moore, Travis Denning, and more.

Take a listen to “Hard To Forget.”

Webb Pierce’s “There Stands the Glass”

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