A Denver Dive Bar Has Country Fans Thinking Turnpike Troubadours Have New Music On The Way

Turnpike Troubadours country music
David McClister

This better not be some publicity/engagement farming stunt…

It’s been a little over 2 years since the Turnpike Troubadours made their triumphant return to the Cain’s Ballroom stage following a nearly 3 year hiatus so frontman Evan Felker could work out some problems in his personal life.

Since then, the group from Oklahoma has stayed busy, hitting the festival circuit, releasing their fifth studio album A Cat In The Rain, and making their late night TV debut early this year while continuing to roll out concert dates with a slew of incredible artists, including Cody Jinks and the Red Clay Strays.

The only thing we haven’t heard anything about is more new music but that may be changing this week, if a statement from an unlikely source can be trusted.

Star Bar is a staple of downtown Denver nightlife. Located 2 blocks from Coors Field, the dive bar not only continues on the legacy of quality dark bars that you actually like going to but is a champion of good country music to boot, offering a free shuttle service to Red Rocks when big country acts come to town.

In fact, Danno Simpson is playing at Star Bar this Wednesday and the venue is constantly honoring the great acts that have stepped through their doors on the way to bigger stages, like an act then called Shane Smith & The Six Gun Saints…

Okay, now that we know this bar is inside the music scene, at least to a decent extent, we can move on to the matter at hand.

Yesterday, Star Bar replied to an X post about two great projects (Silverada and Kaitlin Butts) being announced with a release date of June 28th, saying that we should all expect a third big announcement:

That was then followed up with the following post which quite naturally has us chomping at the bit:

Is it possible they were just trying to speak something into existence? It’s not out of the realm of possibilities…

But, given we know Star Bar may have a backdoor to some trade secrets, is it possible they caught wind of something brewing for the end of this week? Star Bar is the only place I’ve seen this potential news, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Time will tell, but perhaps new Turnpike music is coming our way soon.

Let’s crank up one of my favorite songs and cross our fingers that it’s going to happen.

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