Mother Moose Charges Grizzly Bear In Order To Protect Her Two Calves

moose runs off bear

Humans and animals may differ in a multitude of ways, but there is one thing that both can agree on: You never mess with a mother.

That might as well be the “Golden Rule,” should it not? I feel confident in promising you (the reader) that your life will be easier if you don’t ever give a mom grief. The bear in this clip certainly would have benefited from knowing that rule.

Because it didn’t, the bruin got all it could handle from a mother moose. The bear was tracking the mother and her two calves, following along closely as the family traveled together. Eventually, the moose became fed up and went “full mom mode” on the bear.

You may think that this moose was being overly protective, but that’s just the moose’s motherly instincts kicking in. A moose typically cares for and protects their calves for up to a year, and with the size of these two calves, they undoubtedly still needed their mom’s help.

So the mother moose put on a brave face and charged at the bear to scare it away. There’s a chance that the bear outweighed the moose, though may I remind you that it is not always about height and weight. I don’t mean to sound cliche, but sometimes it’s more about heart than anything else. And good luck finding something with more heart than a mother acting to protect the things she loves the most.

The moose really turned on the jets chasing after the bear, and it didn’t take much for the bruin to abandon its interest in following the family of moose. Once she charged at the sizable bear and it ran for the hills, the mother turned back around to make sure her calves were safe, and then likely continued on with regularly scheduled moose activities.

Again, this just goes to show you that a mother will do anything to protect her offspring, even if that means running right at the face of one of the animal kingdom’s fiercest apex predators. The bear didn’t look so fierce when it had a steaming-mad-momma sprinting right at it.

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