Nikki Glaser Reveals Joke About Tom Brady That Didn’t Make The Roast & It’s A Shame She Left This One Out

Nikki Glaser

Sounds like we need a part two.

The Roast of Tom Brady was one of the best pieces of content that Netflix has put out in a long time. I was a little worried that the roasters would hold back or try to be too PC with their jokes, but it was pretty clear from the beginning that wasn’t going to be the case.

From jokes about New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s prostitution arrest to shots at Tom Brady’s high-profile divorce from Gisele Bundchen, nobody pulled any punches when it was their turn to roast the seven-time Super Bowl champion. And not gonna lie, it was pretty refreshing.

Of course not everybody was happy with it. The former fianceé of Aaron Hernandez wasn’t happy with the jokes about the Patriots tight end’s suicide in prison after being convicted of murder, and Bundchen apparently didn’t appreciate the jokes about their marriage. But hey, good comedy is supposed to cross the line.

Apparently though, there was one subject that was off limits: Brady’s children.

Now I think that’s perfectly reasonable, and it was reportedly not an explicit requirement but something that the roasters all agreed on among themselves to stay away from.

But it also deprived us of what could have been one of the best jokes of the evening.

Comedian Nikki Glaser was one of the stars of the entire evening, but apparently she had to leave some of her jokes on the cutting room floor.

Luckily, she joined Howard Stern the day after the show and revealed some of the material that didn’t make the cut, including this gem:

“Tom, hopefully we make out at the after party. You can pretend I’m your son.”

Of course the reference is that Brady has been spotted kissing his teensage son on the mouth on numerous occasions, which the internet thinks is pretty weird:

And he does the same thing to his dad:

Oh, and Patriots owner Bob Kraft too.

So surely Glaser would have no trouble getting in on the action, right? I mean Tom’s just out here kissing everybody right in the smacker.

Well I guess we’ll never know, because unfortunately that joke didn’t make the cut for the roast. Maybe just change it from “son” to “dad” and keep it in next time.

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