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New Study Says Country Music Fans Have The Most Satisfying Sex Lives

Knockin’ boots eh?

According to a new survey from TickPick, country music fans are enjoying the most satisfying sex lives compared to fans of any other genre of music. The survey looked to gain some insight into how a particular person’s taste in music might affect their sexual preferences, attitudes, and fetishes.

They surveyed 1,010 people, all who enjoy listening to music and are sexually active.

Leading the pack, a whopping 66.3% of country music fans responded that they were satisfied with their sex lives, followed by Blues and Jazz in the top 3. Pop music was at the bottom with 57.2%. Country music fans also showed the highest percentage of people that preferred to be on the bottom at 48.8%, however, country music fans were also the least likely group to use a contraceptive. At 49.9%, they were the only genre below 50%.

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How about it country fans?

Cranking up those sexy time country tunes and gettin’ it done in the bedroom. Respect.

But, if you need a little help, you need a little something extra to turn up the heat, you need that perfect playlist of 69 songs guaranteed to get the pants droppin’ and the boots knockin’, we got you covered with the Whiskey Riff Country Baby Makin’ Playlist.



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Click here to read the full study from TickPick.

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