Former Bachelorette Contestant James Taylor Implies New Single “Drinking Disorder In Florida” Was Inspired By Kristen Saban

Kristen Saban/James Taylor
Kristen Saban/James Taylor

Kirsten Saban might be guarding her heart, but y’all need to guard your ears before playing this one out loud.

Earlier this week, former Bachelorette contestant James Taylor dropped a bomb on social media that he unknowingly had an affair with Kristen Saban. After a few days together, she revealed she was still married. Taylor claimed he chose to disclose this information after a blackmailer threatened to share images of the two with TMZ.

The truth is I did NOT know that when I flew there. I hope there are no more pictures posted because what’s the point now? (Nick apparently knows about these because she got a call from him on the way back to Birmingham and I could hear him PISSED. I am not going to lie; as an Aggie, it made me chuckle a little bit when she told me it was about us and people taking pictures – but it also made me feel bad for her cuz she loves her dad; that’s for sure, and she was instantly sad).

I also hope she’s not under the same pressure from this same person. And I hope she has the best life—I don’t wish a single bad thing on Kristen.”

Unfortunately for Taylor, social media users were not buying it, questioning why he made this such a big deal when TMZ might not have even been scared to run the story. Rumors of Kristen’s divorce have been swirling for some time now. So even if she were still legally married, given a TikTok posted in early April with the caption referring to new beginnings, I’d say the marriage was more than likely over (or on its way to being over) before their rendezvous.

Kristen had remained silent on social media, only posting a graphic to her story after Taylor’s post went live, saying:

“Next time someone is trying to bring you down, remember: Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is loud.” 

However, it now appears that Kristen is taking a social media break, as her Instagram is nowhere to be found. Whether she deactivated or deleted the account, as well as her Twitter, and I don’t blame her for stepping back to protect her child from crazy social media fans who might be sending hate her way.

Taylor, on the other hand, is just as active on social media, conveniently finding a way to promote his new song on his stories. Yep, you heard that right—a Bachelorette contestant turned “country” music singer. Last night, Taylor was in Austin, Texas, and posted a string of Instagram stories (seems like he had a few cold sodas) addressing his post and plugging his latest single, “Drinking Disorder In Florida.” And it is just as bad as you’d think with a title like that…

“You put together my new song with some recent things that have been going on, and I am shocked. I thought no one would really get it, so props to y’all. I’ll explain it soon.” 

He was implying that the song is about Saban’s daughter.

“Angels and demons 
It’s hard not to mention the tension
Between me and this hottie
Fake blonde hair but a natural body…”

I’d honestly rather listen to Florida Georgia Line than this trash… and you know that says a lot. But wait, the bridge is the worst part…

“Writing songs while I drink
Alone on the island
Buffett would be proud
Looking down on me, smiling
But others are pissed off 
I make enough money doing 
Nothing on TikTok…”

Maybe I’m going out on a limb, but I doubt the late, great Jimmy Buffett would not be proud of this song…

All of this feels like a convenient grab to promote this now that he connected the dots for his social media users that Kristen is who inspired his “Drinking Disorder In Florida.”

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