A Mint Julep At The 2024 Kentucky Derby Will Cost You A Cool $22 Bucks

Mint Julep Kentucky Derby
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Hopefully Kentucky Derby attendees will win enough at the racetrack to be able to afford the concession prices.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it up to here (I’m holding my hand way above my head) with stadium concession prices. Handing over $16 for beers and dishing out $22 for a mediocre chicken strip basket gets pretty old, really fast. All of these stadium and arenas need to take some pointers from The Masters.

Those attending the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby better prepare themselves to face the “stadium tax” even at Churchill Downs. A mint julep, the event’s signature (and in my opinion, overrated) drink, will cost derby goers a smooth $22 bucks. Better make it last if you decide to go with the watered down toothpaste cocktail!

And remember, that $22 price is on top of spending hundreds of dollars to just get on the grounds. Some are paying over $1,250 for tickets to the “most exciting two minutes in sports.” I’d advise you to not do the math on how much that is per second… it’s scary.

When you look at the rest of the drink menu, $22 is pretty much par for the course. It appears that the steal of the Kentucky Derby, as far as drinks go, is the “Tractor Beverage” item… whatever the hell that is. Here are some of the rest of the prices derby attendees will see:

-Old Forester Mint Julep: $22

-Woodford Reserve spire: $22

-Herradura Horseshoe margarita: $22

-Premium cocktails: $19

-Tractor beverage (lemonade, peach, strawberry dragonfruit): $11

-Premium beer and seltzer: $14

-Domestic beer: $13

Funny enough, there’s actually a horse in this year’s derby named “Domestic Product.” They should have just gone all in and named it “Domestic Beer.” I’d almost guarantee a horse named that would break the record for “most bet horse” in all of horse racing and betting history.

While we’re on the topic, some of my other favorite names of horses in the 150th running at Churchill Downs are Mystic Dan (hilarious), Catching Freedom (hell yeah), Just A Touch, and Track Phantom, which might be the best horse name I’ve ever heard. Imagine being a horse and running against another horse named “Track Phantom.” I’m not a betting expert, but I don’t see how you don’t roll with Track Phantom. Sorry for saying Track Phantom so much right there…

Anyways, make sure to enjoy the Kentucky Derby, which takes place May 4th hours after the coverage on NBC starts. If only the horses actually knew they were running in such a historic and meaningful race…

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