Lauren Watkins Owns The Mess She Made Of Her Relationship In New Single, “Mama, I Made It”

Lauren Watkins country music
Luke Rogers

Another solid release from Lauren Watkins.

The Nashville native and up-and-comer released a new song today called “Mama, I Made It,” which will be part of her forthcoming full-length debut due out this summer.

Lauren is a fantastic songwriter, releasing several great EP’s over the last couple years called Introducing: Lauren Watkins and Introducing: The Heartbreak that showcase her unique writing and vintage, throwback sound that is always so simple and beautiful.

“Mama, I Made It” is a perfect example of that, written by Lauren along with Rocky Block and Lauren Hungate, as Lauren admits that she’s made a mess of the relationship she’s in and takes full responsibility, knowing that she has a lot to do with the explosive fight.

There’s some great wordplay and imagery, and I love how she admits her fault for her part in things, yet also scoffs at it all in a pretty sarcastic way at the same time:

“Mama, I’ve been sittin’ on the porch since ten past 3 a.m
And I don’t wanna see what’s waitin’ on me when I walk back in
Mama, I took his Babe Ruth baseball, put it right through the drywall
A couple years worth of picture frame glass up and down our hall
Oh, mama

I pushed a grown man to his limit
Aimed for a nerve and damn, I hit it
Ain’t no point debatin’ where the blame is
Too much Makers made a mark
Tore a twister through this trailer park
He’s sure to make my goodbye grapevine famous
Ah this train’s a wreck, it’s such a mess
And mama, I made it”

With all of the material I’ve heard from Lauren so far, who is opening quite a few shows of Morgan Wallen’s stadium tour this year, I can’t wait for what she has in store in her aforementioned debut album.

Make sure you check out “Mama, I Made It” here:

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