Girl’s Friend Smacks Her Butt, She Thinks a Bouncer Did It, She Chokes The Bouncer Unconscious, Gets Charged With Strangling


Hey, gotta protect yourself, and your personal space.

Video footage from NY was just released showing Kierah Lagrave dancing with her female friend at a bar. When Kierah turns around, her girlfriend smacks her butt as a joke. Unfortunately, Kierah thought the bouncer walking by did it.

So, she choked him out. I mean, CHOKED him out. The dude hit the floor like a sack of potatoes. According to NBC, the bouncer didn’t try to stop her because he thought it was a friend playing around.

Police said even though it was a misunderstanding, Lagrave was arrested and charged with strangling.

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See it all go down…

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A beer bottle on a dock