Twitter Is Removing The “Like” Button, People Are NOT Happy

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According to the Telegraph, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey said at a Twitter event last week that he would get rid of the heart-shaped “like” function and that it would be happening “soon.”

The removal of the “like” button is part of an effort to create a healthier climate of debate on the platform.

So let me get this straight… Twitter has become a cesspool of raging assholes on both sides of the political spectrum spewing their bullshit and the way to fix that is to remove the “like” button? You want a more civil discourse on Twitter and you remove the “like” button? You want to foster an environment where people can freely express their ideas without an instant militant backlash from anyone that disagrees and remove the “like” button?

C’mon man…

You want to fix Twitter? Verifying us would be a start…

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