Thomas Rhett’s Newborn Daughter Meets Willa Gray For The First Time In Adorable Video

Oh my goodness gracious.

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren’s long awaited Ada James is finally here! Ada now joins adopted daughter Willa Gray as a part of the Akins family!

She was born on on Saturday (Aug. 12) after 36 hours of labor. Bless you, Lauren. Just 17 hours post delivery, Willa Gray was able to meet her new little sister.

New mom of two, Lauren, posted a sweet message and video of the first encounter and it is pretty adorable.

Lauren explains that Willa Gray has been staying with family and friends off and on because it has been taking WG a little time to adjust. Rightfully so!

Take a look at the video that will make your heart melt…

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So this is about 17 hrs post delivery & after I'd slept for the first time in about 58 hours so I'm still a bit zonked in the video, but this is when Willa Gray met Ada for the first time ????????I know everyone is wondering about WG & AJ and how they're doing together ???? honestly it's taken WG a little bit of adjusting and she's been staying with family and friends off & on especially when Thomas Rhett leaves because I think it's impossible for me to recover, take care of our 2 pups and a newborn and a 21 month old all at the same time ???? soooo Willa Gray hasn't been around a ton the last week but don't worry! There will be LOTS of sister time soon. And she LOVES Ada now. We're just working on being "gentle" right now haha She's home today and so is daddy so all is right in our world at least for a little bit :) p.s. The fact that WG was showing AJ her bug bite meant she wanted to be friends with her right off the bat so we knew that was a good sign ???? (sorry for the novel)

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