This Nightlight Lights Up Every Time You Receive A Notification On Your Phone

Goodbye peaceful nights sleep..

If this isn’t the most 2017 gadget you’ve ever seen, let me know. This new nightlight by Aumi lights up every time you receive a notification.

It’s a USB-powered nightlight that connects to your Wi-Fi and through that, it is able to customize the color of the light based on what app is sending you notifications. For example, you can have your Twitter notifications be blue and emails be red…

According to The Verge, an app lets you directly control the nightlight’s color, brightness, and modes. Like, for instance, you can turn on motion detection to have the nightlight actually do nightlight work.

The futuristic product has already surpassed it’s $22K fundraising goal so it looks like this is actually going to make it to bedroom walls near you. Would you buy one of these? The backer price is $24.

Honestly, this would be a good idea to have in your office during the day to keep you up to date on your notifications. But in my bedroom at night? Probably would make for the worst nights sleep ever.

Would this be your worst nightmare, or sort of helpful?

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