William Michael Morgan’s New Album ‘Vinyl’ Brings Hope To Classic Country Music Lovers

That’s some real deal country music right there, kids.

William Michael Morgan is a young buck with a powerhouse voice that will knock your boots off the second he opens his mouth to sing. It’s pretty damn incredible. With all the back and forth about what is country nowadays and what is not, there will never be any question as to what genre Morgan will belong to. He is as country as it gets. His debut full length album Vinyl kicks off strong with a barn burner of a song “People Like Me.”

This track shoots out of the gate strong.

The title track “Vinyl” is one of the sweetest love songs that feels like it’s from a different time. A time where vinyl records were a staple and people danced to them in their living rooms, all romantic like. Morgan will sweep the ladies off their feet with this and guys who dedicate this song to their girls will be making the right call.

All in all this record is on amazing collections of songs and will stand the test of time as classic country music. This record deserves a standing ovation. Pick it up on iTunes here.

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