Chris Bandi Will Be Your New Favorite Artist When You Hear This Single…

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You’re gonna have this one stuck in your head all day long…

Chris Bandi is a guy we got behind early. We love his sound, his vibe, and his writing. He’s a real artist through and through.

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As for the new single “Man Enough Now” Chris said, “We all make mistakes but growing up means learning from every single one and being man enough to admit when you make one.” The single was written with songwriters Jason Massey and Jason Duke and produced by Massey (Kelsea Ballerini). “The idea just kinda came to me,” says Bandi, “I was thinking about a relationship I had had in the past and just thought, if we dated right now would I have made the same stupid choices? I really don’t think so.”

His upcoming Mixtape is going to be straight FIRE. Get ready. Listen to the new single below.

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