10 Blake Shelton Deep Cuts You Never Heard On The Radio But Should Have

Blake Shelton smiling for the picture

Blake Shelton is arguably the most famous face in country music right now.

We all know his hits like “Sangria,” “God Gave Me You,” and “Lonely Tonight,” but aside from his countless Top Male Vocalist awards, he has 10 albums worth of some damn good music that most of the world has never heard, unless you’re a diehard BSer.

Here are 10 deep cuts from the great career of Blake Shelton.

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1. “Just South Of Heaven”

2. “Granddaddy’s Gun”

3. “Small Town Big Time”

4. “Ready To Roll”

5. “Dragging The River” Featuring Miranda Lambert

6. “It Ain’t Easy Being Me”

7. “I Drink”

8. “Love Gets In The Way”

9. “My Neck Of The Woods”

10. “Asphalt Cowboy”

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A beer bottle on a dock