I Need More MOORE, Please.

As we all know, country music is as wide-ranging as its ever been.

The lines are blurred, maybe even non-existent. There’s everything from pure pop to 90’s country, to rock, to ballads on the charts now. Even some hip-hop influence. Everyone wants in, and now, more than ever, there appears to be room for everyone.

There are a couple guys I wanted to single out though. Guys I’ve been a big fan of from day one. Guys I’ve seen more times live than I can count. Guys that I’ve seen continue to tour their asses off and put out great music.

Kip Moore and Justin Moore (no, they aren’t related).


Do they sound alike? No. But, that doesn’t matter. Here are a couple guys sticking to their guns. Putting out the music they want to put out. Grinding like mother f*ckers on the road month after month. The respect for their worth ethic, them as people, and their music is what has given them some of the most rabid fan bases around.

I want to hear them on the radio more. I want to see them on the charts more. I want more people that haven’t seen them live to get their asses to a show, so they can see why this article is being written.

Kip Moore’s “Lipstick”

Two of the best we have in the genre right now are at the peak of their talents, with no signs of letting up. If you love country music, these two dudes will get you through your day.

They’ve done it right. Fought like hell to get to where they are, and aren’t about shortcuts. It’s beyond admirable.

Justin Moore’s “You Look Like I Need A Drink”

So, to all the country music fans out there. Do me a huge favor. Crank these two up. Appreciate good music when it’s right there for you to appreciate. Appreciate the hustle, the songs, the live show, and everything that makes these two a couple of the best country music has today.

Also, we could ALL use a little Moore Church and Cash, right? Get yours here.