If Your Favorite Country Stars Were Characters In The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV right now and with the Season 6 finale tonight, we couldn’t help but take the opportunity to put our country spin on it.

From Rick and Carl to Michonne and Daryl, the cast of The Walking Dead is completely diverse, badass and completely awesome in every way. No different than our favorite country stars.

I did my best to avoid spoilers, so here it goes:

Daryl – Brantley Gilbert

Daryl and Brantley are just a couple of motorcycle riding, vest wearing, bad boys in black. Both fearless and willing to fight for the ones they love.


Hershel – George Strait

Older and wiser than the rest. They may a bit up there in years, but they command the love and respect of everyone the second they walk into the room.


Michonne – Miranda Lambert

The two baddest chicks in the business.


Maggie – Carrie Underwood

One of country music’s most beloved female entertainers and one of everyone’s favorite female characters of The Walking Dead series. However, these two sweethearts can kick ass when they need to. My guess is if Glenn ever cheated on Maggie, she’d take a Louisville slugger right to his head. Names both end with “ie” coincidentally as well.


Glenn – Brad Paisley

Glenn and Maggie are married on the show and Brad and Carrie are such good friends, they are basically married too. Partners in life and partners at work, these two men know how to complement the women around them to bring out the best in both of them.


Rick – Eric Church

Two badasses, mavericks and dudes who know how to get it done their own way. If we ever lost Rick to the zombie apocalypse, that would sure be a “whole lotta boot to fill.” Intense live-action every step of the way.


Carl – Sam Hunt

As a young gun, it’s clear that Carl is coming to his own recently and cementing himself as a leader and ass kicker in The Walking Dead. Similarly, Sam Hunt has taken the country music world by storm. He’s relatively young in the music game, but the potential is unlimited.

Sam Carl

Jesus – Ryan Hurd

Just look at ’em. Jesus is a brand new character in The Walking Dead, but have you seen Ryan Hurd?


The Governor – Kanye West

They both suck. Seriously though.