The Top 25 Tweets About Brothers Osborne’s ‘Stay A Little Longer’ Music Video

I think Brothers Osborne has my song of the year with ‘Stay A Little Longer.’ We got a few months left, but I don’t see anyone taking it down. That being said, their music video is taking it to another planet. The video tackles the complicated issues that surround falling in love and starting relationships. Truth is, life is messy and love is messy. Keep keepin’ it real bros. Check out some of the top responses on the Twittersphere.


1. If @brothersosborne don’t win an award of some sort for their new video…I’m not sure this is an industry I want to keep working in.

2. Just watched @brothersosborne video for stay a little longer and wow. So simple but the message it sends. Love > age, sex, skin color…

3. Props to @brothersosborne for putting out one of the best songs and videos in country music this year.

4. @brothersosborne great video for #stayalittlelonger Just what I had in my head when I listen to it!!! Was crazy to watch!

5. Sweet video @brothersosborne ! #stayalittlelonger

6. Everyone needs to watch the @brothersosborne video for #StayALittleLonger. Amazing video and amazingly progressive.

7. THIS VIDEO. Phenomenal job, Bros.

8. @brothersosborne good Job Guys! keepin it real always scares ppl… its a great vid watched like 20x in a row!

9. @brothersosborne I love the video…hope CMT and GAC have the spine to show it ..if you don’t like it, don’t watch it…

10. Just saw the @brothersosborne video for #StayALittleLonger Those guys are SO great. @RollingStone called it “Unorthodox” but it’s just LIFE.

11. @brothersosborne Love “Stay a little longer” SOOOO much… Good stuff !!!!!

12. @brothersosborne Thanks CMT… talent wins!!

13. OMG!!!! Why is this song sooooooooo damn good!!! @brothersosborne #Stayalittlelonger I LIVE IT!! Can’t get enough!!

14. People are asking if your new video is controversial……only if it’s 1952…… #stayalittlelonger #dontchangeathing ;)

15. @brothersosborne that solo! The 5+ minute version is filthy.

16. Come on Internet I’m trying to watch @brothersosborne #StayALittleLonger video. Hurry with the buffering

17. Screw the controversy! I love the #StayALittleLonger video! It’s real, the only way it should be! Haters can f*** off!

18. @brothersosborne so who won the gift card for best make out session

19. The music video for #StayALittleLonger is perfect. @brothersosborne this song is my therapy & the video is everything I imagined

20. @brothersosborne have always luved them. Now more then ever now seeing video

21. @brothersosborne It’s a brilliant video and a brilliant song. I Bop and sing to it everyday. Love It!

22. Thank you for being real @brothersosborne your song is 4 mins but I wish the world would #StayALittleLonger

23. Such an atmospheric, beautiful video, in every way #stayalittlelonger

24. Obsessed. #StayALittleLonger #BrothersOsborne @brothersosborne

25. Mfing Brothers Osborne gets me every freaking time!!!#StayALittleLonger

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