Mumford & Sons Release New Single, Sound, Fans Aren’t Happy

We told you about the long-awaited new Mumford & Sons album due this May – if you missed it, here ya go.


The guys just released the first single, “Believe,” and the reactions are mixed, to say the least. The main gripe fans are having is that they’ve completely overhauled their sound.

No kick drum. No banjo.

Here are some of the “Top” comments on YouTube regarding the new single, and sound.

Im confused?????????????????? I dont know how I feel


A generic folk band turning into a Coldplay cover band. Good job guys.


A perfectly evolved sound, great progression guys.


pretty sure they could have added a banjo in here and still made it new with a touch of old! this sounds kinda generic, i still like it. but yeah……..


Chris Martin please get out of Marcus body…..


I love all the hate in the comments. Trying something different for one track of an album is betrayal on astronomical proportions apparently. I think this song is a nice change of pace and I quite like it.

Hear “Believe” for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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